Welcome to Fiji Bird Watching

Welcome to Fiji Bird Watching, our website dedicated to the birds and avifauna of the Fiji Islands.

27 species are found nowhere else in the world (endemic), such as the fabulous Golden and Orange Doves (Bune or Bunako), three species of Shining-Parrots (Kaka), and the widespread Collared Lory (Kula).

There are 27 Fiji endemics although some of these are extinct and others only occur on very distant offshore islands which are difficult or time consuming to visit.

The pigeons are particularly well represented in Fiji with some absolutely stunning fruit-doves.

There are several species only shared with a few neighbouring island groups such as Tonga and the Cook Islands.

These birds are good indicators of general biodiversity conservation, meaning that the actions to conserve these birds will also conserve most of Fiji’s other animals and plants.

Seabird nesting islands are also very important for turtles and can be found scattered around the Fiji Islands.

For the average birder there are three main islands to visit, Viti Levu, Taveuni and Kadavu.

Fiji’s birds are wonderful!


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