Terms and Conditions


A non-refundable deposit of 20% on accommodation or any package is required to secure a confirmed booking. The minimum deposit amount is F$100. Visa and MasterCard are accepted by the resort. This booking deposit is not refundable.

All quoted rices are cash discounted rates to be paid in F$ Cash or electronic transfer directly to our bank account. Standard rates are 5% more than above stated cash-discounted prices and are applied to any other method of payment. Deposits paid by credit card are treated as cash payments for pricing purposes and deducted from your bill when you check-out.


All VAT and ‘government  tax’ inclusive prices advertised are subject to possible changes, without prior notice, in case of sudden or unexpected cost increases. Prices do not include new taxes or changes in tax rates, or other charges that governments or service providers may impose from time to time. Guests will be responsible for paying any such taxes/charges on checkout. We will communicate any changes to you as soon as the details are made available to Matava.

Prices are valid from the 1st April 2012 to the 31st March 2013. Where a booking is made in 2012 for a guest arrival date after 31st March 2013 current 2012/13 prices will apply only if full payment is made on or before 31 December 2011, i.e. current prices apply if you make full payment before the end of the year.

Credit Cards

MasterCard and Visa are welcomed.

Prices quoted on this website are discounted cash prices.

As there are no banks on the island, we are able to offer this concession to those who want to settle their bill in cash. Our standard retail prices are 5% higher than the ones quoted and this should be borne in mind by those wishing to settle by credit card.

Most foreign currency and travelers cheques are accepted but, again due to a lack of banking facilities on the island, exchange rates quoted are not as favorable as with a high street bank.

We have a Secure Credit Card booking facility set-up at Matava Secure Credit Card Page for the convenience and security of booking. Should you wish to book, please use this facility to send your credit card details to the Resort Booking Office.


Packages are ‘all inclusive’ and can not be broken down into component parts .

Packages include return Kadavu Airport – Resort boat transfers, free use of snorkel gear, free use of resort kayaks in the Marine Reserve, complimentary tea / coffee and all current taxes.

Packages do not include Airfares,  dive gear hire, beverages, bar tab at the resort, activities (unless stated or included in your Package) or any items of a personal nature.

Booking Procedure:

Bookings can be made by either telephone or email. Upon receipt of a booking deposit, Matava resort will email a return confirmation at which point the booking will be deemed to have been made.


A passport only is required if you are citizens of the United States, Australia, EEC and New Zealand. The passport needs to be valid for three months after the return from travel. For other nationalities, please contact your nearest Fijian Consulate.

All scuba divers must be medically fit to participate in SCUBA diving activities and hold current certification from an accredited and well recognized diving organization. Proof of certification will be requested prior to diving. Guests will be required to sign liability waiver and assumption of risk documents prior to participation in any water based activities. (For example, the standard PADI Boat Travel & SCUBA Diving Assumption of Risk form) Refusal by a guest to sign such documents will prevent the resort from providing such activities.

Accommodation Substitutions:

Matava resort reserves the right, at any time for good & just cause – such as an act of God, an emergency or an on-site facility problem – to substitute alternative accommodation. Any substituted accommodation will be of equal or better standard to that originally booked.

Children Policy:

Matava resort does not allow children under the age of 15 years to dive.  Accommodation bures do not have child safety rails on sundecks, childcare facilities or child safety features.  Matava resort does not formally offer baby sitting for youngsters. Fijians are however fantastic care sitters with great patience, understanding, endless smiles, and love for children. It is usually possible to arrange for a babysitter however Matava resort accepts no responsibility for such services.

Disabled Persons:

Fijian law does not require our outer island facilities to be A.D.A (American Disabilities Act) compatible. Matava resort is located in a remote setting,  on a hillside and does not have handicap or semi-handicap facilitates.

Guest Responsibility

Guests are required to follow any directions given whilst participating in any activities. We reserve the right to restrict or withhold any activity or service where we believe that the acts or behavior of a guest may endanger other guests or staff of the resort or detract from other guest’s enjoyment of their activity or stay. An example of this would be if a diver ignored instructions from a divemaster or boat passenger ignored instructions from the driver/skipper. In such instances, the full charge relating to guest’s booking will be levied.

Any action by a guest which is described as illegal under the laws of the Fiji Islands will result in thatguest being removed from the premises and the appropriate authorities informed.


Matava resort does not accept responsibility for any delay, additional expense or inconvenience which may be caused directly or indirectly by events outside of the company control, such as late arrival of domestic or international flights, civil disturbance, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, act of God, act of Government, or the failure of any machinery or equipment. Additionally, Matava resort will not accept any responsibility for any injury, guest loss of or damage to personal equipment and property whilst staying at the resort, or during participation in any activity.

We strongly recommend that all guests take out adequate travel insurance which covers accident, loss caused by cancellations, loss of luggage, personal property, medical expenses, medical evacuation and weather disruption / cancellations (including activity cancellations).

Guests intending on participating in diving activities must ensure their insurance covers them for SCUBA related activities and has appropriate ‘depth ‘ coverage.

Insurance is available through World Nomads at this link

Cancellations and changes, refunds

Matava resort is willing to accommodate changes to reservations if an emergency need arises. Changes to reservations will cause the itinerary to be re-priced at the current standard pricing for the rebooked dates. Any package previously quoted will be invalidated. If rebooking is requested, Matava resort cannot guarantee availability or price for new requested dates.

A guest deposit is understood to be a formal & binding commitment to pay for the vacation package in full, to take the activities that you requested and that Matava resort fulfilled in good faith. The deposit is non-refundable. Furthermore, submission of a deposit by any guest indicates that guest’s full acceptance of Matava Resort’s Booking Terms & Conditions.When a booking is made, space is held and other bookings are turned away. We stand by our confirmed bookings and respectfully request that you do the same. Thank you for your understanding.

Where a guest fails to complete a dive, dive course or fails to participate in pre-booked or packaged activities for any reason (including ill health) or free choice, they will still be charged for the package. For example, if a guest books a package which includes 5 days of diving and on the third day they abort their first dive because they couldn’t equalize. When that guest checks out, they will still be charged for the package and advised to make a claim on their travel insurance (see insurance ).

Again, we strongly advise guests to obtain appropriate and adequate travel insurance which covers cancellations of this nature.

We regret the necessity to adopt the above booking terms and liability waivers.

Unfortunately, in today’s world such terms are necessary to avoid larger insurance premiums which would inevitably lead to more expensive holidays for all our guests.

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