Other activities at Matava

As well as the excellent bird watching and resort, Matava offers a plethora of adventure activities to immerse you in the tropical world of Kadavu.

Scuba Diving

Fiji diving with Mad Fish Dive Centre

The Great Astrolabe Reef is the world’s fourth largest barrier reef and is Fiji’s largest living organism. It extends along the entire southern side of Kadavu and stretches for over 120km. It is rated as one of the world’s premier diving locations offering a great diversity and spectacle in coral structures and marine life.

The reef adopted its name in 1827 following French explorer Dumont d’Urville’s collision with the reef in his vessel “The Astrolabe”.

Mad Fish Dive Centre is Matava’s on site PADI Dive Centre. We dive the The Great Astrolabe Reef extensively and cater for all levels of diver from beginner to experienced. Mad Fish Dive Centre will take you to sites varying in depths, currents and visibility ranging from 20 – 50m where you can expect a kaleidoscope of colourful corals and wonderful marine life – we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

See Mad Fish Dive Centre’s website for full details of the diving avaiable.

Spectacular Dive Sites

Exclusive diving on virgin reefs awaits those who dive with Mad Fish Dive Centre at Matava – Fiji’s Premier Eco Adventure Resort .

We have over 20 world-class sites offering enormous variety for divers of all levels within a 5-minute to half hour boat ride.

See Mad Fish Dive Centre’s website for full details of the diving avaiable.

Never dived before?

As a PADI certified resort we offer a full range of PADI dive certifications. Try diving by participating in ‘Discover Scuba’, take a fully certified PADI open water diver course or further your qualifications with an advanced, rescue, or divemaster course. All courses are conducted by our fully qualified PADI instructor.

See Mad Fish Dive Centre’s website for full details of the diving avaiable.

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking at Matava, Kadavu, FijiGet into one of our sea kayaks and glide through crystal clear waters. A startled ray may fly past and electric blue tropical fish pulsate in their coral habitat as you drift over the brillant corals.

Explore the deep and indented bays, turquoise lagoons and rocky islets and meander through the winding waterways within the mangrove forest.

We also offer fully tailored all day guided kayak trips or overnight kayak trips , which include staying at local villages.


For reef lovers who enjoy the sun on their back, the Astrolabe Reef also provides a superb snorkeling experience. Whether exploring one of the island’s best fringing reefs right in front of the resort or taking a short boat ride to the main reef itself, you’ll be dazzled by the amazing array of corals and fish for which the Astrolabe is famous.

All the snorkeling equipment you’ll need is available for hire from the resort’s dive shop or included in any resort Package.


Walk or trek   through lush verdant rainforest ascending the hills to reveal stunning views of The Great Astrolabe Reef, then descend to beautiful white pristine beaches. There are no roads around Matava, only a network of paths that link one village to the next.

Then plunge into one of the many cool, refreshing waterfalls and pools that slice down through the rugged highlands and watch as the local children leap from dizzying heights.

Take a guided nature walk to discover the local flora and fauna or learn of the traditional uses of plants with a local medicine man.

All treks have been established in conjunction with local villages.


The Great Astrolabe Reef, long regarded as a world-class scuba diving destination, also provides perfect uncrowded and hassle-free surfing . There are three passages (breaks in the reef) that produce long barreling waves anywhere from 2-12 feet. Each passage offers varied conditions that will suit all styles, levels and egos.

Intermediate to advanced surfing skills are required.

Surfing here is weather dependant so we only recommend surfing here during the summer months (December to April) when the weather is most likely to be suitable.

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