Mongoose free

No mongoose? Introduced species such as the mongoose, mynah, bulbul, and cane toad which wiped out native species in most other parts of Fiji haven’t reached the island of Kadavu.

The mongoose was deliberately introduced into the main Fiji islands by G.T. Barker of the Rewa sugar refining company around 1885 to control rats which damage sugar cane.

Herpestes mongoose, FijiThe first noticlible result was the killing off of practically all of the snakes which used to eat the rats…..then the ground nesting birds, terrestrial lizards and frogs were virtually brought to extinction on the main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

The Fiji Petrel for example is extinct on all islands that have the mongoose.

Fortunately, the mongoose has not made it to Kadavu island and the only threat to ground nesting birds here is the feral cat.

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