Birding on Kadavu

Matava Resort is remote, isolated and only accessable by boat. Surrounded by dense primary and secondary tropical and sub-tropical rainforrest, several village trails lead off the resort grounds providing ideal walks for ornithologists.

Guides are not necessary though advisable if you wish to travel deep into the bush.

Many birds can be seen within the resort grounds. All but one of the following pictures of land birds were taken by me, wandering around the resort with a little digital camera over the past few days.

Kadavu HoneyeaterA wide variety of habitats are just a few minutes walk from your bure from dense rainforrest to mangrove and reef flats.

We can advise guests on the best bird watching spots, and if required provide guides for excursions to the rainforest or mangroves.
Endemic Species

Kadavu Island has four species of birds that are found nowhere else in the world (endemic).

All four species endemic to Kadavu can be seen in and around the vicinity of Matava Resort. All Fiji’s native birds are protected by law both with respect to capture and confinement and to hunting.

1. Kadavu Shining (Musk) Parrot (prosopeia splendens)

2. Kadavu Honeyeater (xanthotis provocator)

3. Kadavu Fantail (Rhipidura personata)

4. Whistling Dove (chrysoenas layardi)

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