Heritage Expeditions

Today most people fly across the Pacific and Melanesian Islands completely oblivious to the unique islands and ecosystems over which they pass. Rarely is there an opportunity to sail to and explore some of the lesser known islands in company with a team of expert historians and naturalists.

Heritage Expeditions offers the serious ornithologist one of several cruises to see the rarely visited Kermadec Islands, Tonga (including the remote northern island of ‘Tin Can’ or Nuiafo’ou) the outer islands of Fiji, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. These islands boast lush tropical rainforest packed with many endemic birds and other wildlife. The seas surrounding the islands are some of the richest in the world in terms of marine diversity.

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Fiji Pelagic Trips – May – September 2012

While living in Fiji (May-September 2012), I did several “pelagic” trips.

These involved riding on scheduled ferry trips or on chartered fishing trips.

There is limited information (almost none) on pelagic birding in Fiji.

Thus, I have compiled the data I gathered to help someone trying to see pelagic species in Fiji.

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South Pacific Tour – September 2011

The revamped tour was a little later this year and it seemed to make some things a bit easier, note how well we did with the rare Crow Honeyeater, and Kagu was as ever a standout. One first-year bird was rewarded with a nice juicy scorpion that our guide found, and this really is a fabulous bird to see, another down on Harlan’s famiy quest, too, as an added bonus to what is a quite unique bird. Cloven-feathered Dove was also truly memorable, and watching one give that strange, constipated hooting call was fantastic and this really is one of the world’s best pigeons.Continue Reading …

University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute Fiji Expedition Broadens Genetic Research

In December 2010, KU Biodiversity Institute graduate student Mike Andersen, and curator of birds, Rob Moyle, completed a three-week expedition to Fiji.

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Trip Report: NEW CALEDONIA & FIJI 2007

The October 2007 tour to the island archipelagos of New Caledonia and Fiji was hugely successful and recorded more species in the region than any previous Birdquest visit.

Highlights on New Caledonia included all the main island and Lifou extant endemics, stunning views by all participants of the notoriously skulking and elusive New Caledonian Grassbird, superb views of male Cloven-feathered Doves, two Crow Honeyeaters, and all topped off with a staggering eight individuals of the incomparable Kagu.Continue Reading …

Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia And Vanuatu – 7th October – 24th October 2005

Full report here: Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia And Vanuatu – 7th October – 24th October 2005.

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Fiji, 27th Nov – 5th Dec. 2004, Paul Noakes

This is a report on a birding trip that I did with Chris McGuigan to see as many of the Fijian endemics as possible. It was part of a longer birding trip in which we visited New Caledonia and Hawaii, with a few days in California on the way back home to the UK.Continue Reading …

Kadavu Birding Trip Report, 14-16 November 2004

I arrived in Kadavu at about midday and went searching for accommodations. I went over to the airport inn, directly across from the airport, made friends with the guys running the inn, and ended up camping in their backyard. If you have a tent, are on the cheap, and want to mingle with locals, it’s a great option. Just go to the inn and ask for Savi. Say you’re friends with the American who came for birding and I’m sure he’ll let you stay in his yard. As I mentioned earlier, Fijians are incredibly welcoming and hospitable. Just be polite, friendly, and helpful; for example buy the kava if they hold a sevusevu (welcoming ceremony) in your honor. Weiss, who when I visited lived in the house with Savi, knows the birds very well and could show you all the endemics if you want a guide.

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Birdlife Observed on Koro Island, Fiji


As far as birds are concerned, Koro is a very poorly known island – there appear to be no publications or reports of the birds from Koro, other than the Whitney South Sea Expedition in December 1924.
I visited the island for the second time December 28th 2000 to January 5th 2001 and stayed at Dere Bay. My first visit was in 1985 (?) and was only a matter of half a day.Continue Reading …
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