Pacific Bird Checklists

The most up-to-date checklists for each of the countries concerned were compiled during the preparation of “A Guide to the Birds of Fiji & Western Polynesia” and these are available to be consulted and or downloaded from Pacific Birds website.

Fiji birds table

The big name birders in Fiji are under no illusion as to there being some corrections required and they would like to hear from anyone with any comments, suggestions or additions.

The checklists will be modified as and when new data becomes available. Birders visiting the islands and resident birders are encouraged to send any new and/or interesting observations to Dick at Pacific Birds.

Certainly ALL breeding observations are of interest, especially the seabirds, and all observations of severely threatened species, consult the guide and see “Trip Reports”, are useful.

For new records or observations of very rare species – great care must be taken. New records or rare observations require very good evidence to be accepted. For visitors there is a tendency when dealing with a new avifauna to be less rigorous than one would be back home.

Wherever possible photographs should be taken, together with full descriptive notes. These should then be submitted with a completed “Rare Bird Form”

Pacific Birds has set up a committee of experienced regional observers to comment on new records.

The Fiji List

Key to Status Symbols

NX Extinct/extirpated native breeding species (historic times)
IX Extirpated introduced species;
I Introduced breeding species
? Current status uncertain or questionable/unverified record
BL “Resident, native breeding land bird”
BS Resident breeding seabird
VL Vagrant Land bird (irregular visitor or arrival)
VS Vagrant Seabird (irregular visitor to country’s waters)
VW Vagrant Shorebird (irregular visitor)
S Seabirds not known to breed but are regularly present throughout the year
ML Migrant Land bird (of annual occurrence)
MS Migrant Seabird (believed to be of annual occurrence)
MW Migrant Shorebird (believed to be of annual occurrence)
OW Wader known to overwinter


Species Number Species Status
1 Eastern Reef Heron BL
2 White-faced Heron BL;V?
3 Great White Egret VL
4 Mangrove Heron BL
5 Glossy Ibis VL
6 Pacific Black Duck BL
7 Mallard VL
9 Wandering Whistling-duck BLX
11 Jungle Fowl I
12 Brown Quail I
13 Wild Turkey I
14 Fiji Goshawk BL
15 Pacific Harrier BL
16 Peregrine Falcon BL
17 Barred-wing Rail BLX
18 Banded Rail BL
19 White-browed Crake BL
20 Spotless Crake BL
21 Purple Swamphen BL
23 Feral Pigeon I
24 White-throated Pigeon BL
25 Spotted Dove I
26 Friendly Ground-dove BL
27 Pacific Pigeon BL
28 Barking Pigeon BL
30 Many-coloured Fruit-dove BL
31 Crimson-crowned Fruit-dove BL
32 Golden Dove BL
33 Orange Dove BL
34 Whistling Dove BL
35 Collared Lory BL
36 Red-throated Lorikeet BL
37 Blue-crowned Lory BL
38 Masked Shining Parrot BL
39 Red Shining Parrot BL
40 Kadavu Shining Parrot BL
41 Fan-tailed Cuckoo BL
42 Long-tailed Cuckoo ML
43 Barn Owl BL
44 Grass Owl BLX
45 Tawny Frogmouth IX
46 White-rumped Swiftlet BL
47 White-throated Needletail VL
48 White-collared Kingfisher BL
50 Pacific Swallow BL
51 Australian Magpie I
52 Fiji Woodswallow BL
53 Polynesian Starling BL
55 European Starling I
56 Common Mynah I
57 Jungle Mynah I
58 Red-vented Bulbul I
59 Island Thrush BL
60 Fiji Bush-warbler BL
61 Long-legged Warbler BL
62 Scarlet Robin BL
63 Silktail BL
64 Streaked Fantail BL
65 Kadavu Fantail BL
67 Slaty Monarch BL
68 Ogea Monarch BL
69 Lesser Shrikebill BL
70 Black-faced Shrikebill BL
71 Vanikoro Broadbill BL
72 Blue-crested Broadbill BL
74 Golden Whistler BL
77 Polynesian Triller BL
79 Fiji White-eye BL
80 Silvereye BL
82 Fiji Parrotfinch BL
84 Pink-billed Parrotfinch BL
85 Red Avadavat I
86 Java Sparrow I
87 House Sparrow VL
88 Orange-breasted Myzomela BL
90 Rotuma Myzomela BL
91 Wattled Honeyeater BL
92 Kadavu Honeyeater BL
93 Giant Forest Honeyeater BL
95 Wandering Albatross VS
96 Black-browed Albatross VS
97 Southern Giant Petrel VS
98 Cape Petrel MS
99 Fiji Petrel BS
100 Tahiti Petrel BS
101 Phoenix Petrel VS
102 White-naped Petrel MS
103 Herald Petrel VS
105 Mottled Petrel MS
106 Grey-faced Petrel VS
107 Black-winged Petrel BS?
108 Collared Petrel BS
109 Audubon’s Shearwater BS
111 Wedge-tailed Shearwater BS
112 Short-tailed Shearwater MS
113 Christmas Shearwater VS
114 Buller’s Shearwater VS
115 Sooty Shearwater MS
116 Wilson’s Storm-petrel MS
117 Polynesian Storm-petrel BS
118 White-faced Storm-petrel VS
119 Black-bellied Storm-petrel VS
120 Red-tailed Tropicbird VS
121 White-tailed Tropicbird BS
122 Australian Pelican VS
123 Masked Booby BS
124 Brown Booby BS
125 Red-footed Booby BS
126 Great Frigatebird S
127 Lesser Frigatebird BS
128 Pomarine Skua VS
129 Arctic Skua VS
130 Long-tailed Skua VS
131 South Polar Skua VS
132 Crested Tern BS
133 Black-naped Tern BS
134 Sooty Tern BS
135 Grey-backed Tern S
136 Bridled Tern BS
137 Common Tern VS
138 Little Tern VS
139 Fairy Tern VS
140 Blue Noddy BS
142 Brown Noddy BS
143 Black Noddy BS
144 White Tern BS
145 Laughing Gull VS
146 Silver Gull VS
148 Pacific Golden Plover MW;OW
149 Grey Plover VW
150 Lesser Sandplover MW;OW
151 Oriental Plover VW
152 Double-banded Plover MW
154 Masked Lapwing VW
155 Whimbrel MW
156 Bristle-thighed Curlew MW
157 Far Eastern Curlew MW;OW
159 Bar-tailed Godwit MW
160 Hudsonian Godwit VW
161 Wandering Tattler MW;OW
162 Siberian Tattler VW
163 Terek Sandpiper MW;OW
164 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper MW
165 Pectoral Sandpiper VW
166 Common Sandpiper VW
169 Ruddy Turnstone MW;OW
170 Sanderling MW
171 Rufous-necked Stint VW
172 Red Knot VW
173 Royal Albatross ?
174 Juan Fernandez Petrel ?
175 Gould’s Petrel ?
177 Blue Petrel ?
178 Bulwer’s Petrel ?
182 Red-billed Tropicbird ?
187 Ringed Plover ?
188 Black-tailed Godwit ?
190 Great Knot ?
191 Roseate Tern ?
192 White-fronted Tern ?
194 Moustached Tree Swift ?
195 Pardalote ?

Many, many thanks to Dick for all his tireless work compiling these lists and keeping on top of them.

You can find him here:

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Environment Consultants Fiji
P.O Box 2041, Government Building,
Tel: 679 383189
Fax: 679 381818

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